And now, for some chargefic.

Title: Irresistible Force
Rating: PG-ish
Pairing/Characters: Myriah Perkins/Jenny Prezzioso
Summary: Thinking about it, it wasn't really surprising.

Author's note: I've had this pairing floating around in my head for easily two years and until now, it's refused to put itself into writable form. Probably going to be a oneshot, but if the muse hits me again I might write a continuation. It's set twelve years after the series, so Myriah is 17 and Jenny is 16.

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head girl

This is Not Babysitting

Title: This is Not Babysitting

Author: Alsike

Fandom: The Babysitters Club

Pairing: Stacey McGill/Charlotte Johanssen

Rating: NC-17??

Warning: Contains sexual relations illegal in the state of Connecticut.  (But not, after some research, in the state of New York.  O.o)

Prompt: From the Femslash_Today porn battle:  The Babysitters Club, Charlotte/Stacey, innocent

Word Count: 5360 (WAY WAY too long for a comment post.)

Apologies:  Took a wild plunge into this fandom, hope it's okay!

Summary: Stacey comes home to Stoneybrook after a bad breakup throws everything off course. Claudia tells her to get over it. She does.

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Mary Anne checks out Stacey

Stacey slipped out of her cover-up and stretched out in a skimpy blue bikini. I had to admit she looked great. Her skin was the color of maple sugar, and her sun-streaked hair tumbled halfway down her back.

- from #34 Mary Anne and Too Many Boys

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Title: Another Part Of Me
Author: firecausesburns
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: Claudia/Stacey
Summary: "“Remember when we met each other?” she managed to say.
“Of course. First day of school last year. I dropped my notebook and you stepped on it.”
“By accident,” she reminded me. “And then we looked at each other and we were both wearing off-the-shoulder sweat shirts and high-top sneakers.”
“I couldn’t decide whether to hate you or hope you’d become my best friend,” I admitted."

(I had to do something with that. I just had to. And just to test myself a bit, I decided to try and keep it to exactly 500 words.)

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short takes

Hey guys, I'm posting to advertise the sign-ups for the next round at short_takes, which will be centered on the BSC charges. You can sign up to participate here.

Also, the same-age peers round is over and a master list of the stories from that round can be found here.

Hope to see you over there!

great idea

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Hey guys! I just wanted to point you all over to short_takes where we've launched some non-challenge activity, all still related to BSC femslash. At the moment, we're doing an intro post and friending meme, so please feel free to come by, fill it out, and join the community even if you don't intend to write any fic!